हाम्रो बारेमा


About Us
Kathmandu Television is the best nation’s first popular and leading analytical 24 Hour Live news channel with Social Media and bureaus inside and outside Nepal. Since its establishment in 2019, it has continued to grow in reach and popularity due to its credible coverage and analytical news broadcasting. kathmandu Television reaches the mass audience targeting various group of viewers. It caters to the general population who are keen on all types of news programs .The channel currently broadcasts across 65+ countries around the globe.

Kathmandu Television in-depth approach to Television journalism has established itself as a favorite News Channel of Nepal. It focuses on finding facts, studying, then intensively analyze to the best possible extent and present multidimensional views of the fact to its viewers.

Kathmandu Television is owned & operated by World Broadcasting Corporation Pvt. Ltd, – one of Nepal’s leading media corporations with a portfolio of cabal and satellite televisions including spiritual, religious content & Business related issues.

नेपाल सनातन धर्म संस्कृति संगठनको महाधिवेशन पछिको केन्द्रीय समितिको प्रथम पुर्ण बैठक आगामी पौष

काठमाण्डौं । नेपाली काँग्रेसको खस आर्य तर्फका उम्मेदवार चिरन्जीवि थापाले मन, मत र अभिमतका

काठमाण्डौं ।  प्रख्यात पर्यटन ब्यवसायी आङछिरिङ शेर्पाले नेपाली काँग्रेसको केन्द्रिय सदस्य पदमा उम्मेदवारी दिएका

काठमाण्डौं । आगामी नयाँ नेतृत्वका लागि नेपाली काँग्रेसका नेताहरुले विभिन्न पदमा उम्मेदवारी घोषणा गर्ने

काठमाण्डौं । नेपाल अटोमोवाइल एसोसिएसनको केन्द्रीय सदस्यमा उम्मेदवारी दिएकी यमुना श्रेष्ठको संभावना बलियो देखिएको